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Private Cruises

Enjoy the ultimate freedom and charter a Bassac to take your party wherever you like, imparting it with your spin and character.

XIXth Century adventurers on board the Bassac

A vessel for special occasions

Make your special occasion really special by hosting it on board.

Fancy crazy prints? Or matching colors, or a swimsuit party?

Fancy being a XIXth Century adventurer?

The boat is yours, ready to follow your fancy and that of your guests.

Ample volumes to host your party

A unique venue for a gathering

Even formal meetings need not be held in a gray old hotel or office suite.

Make your training session an unforgettable experience, interspersed with original pauses and in an ever-changing scenery;

Treat your board to a unique experience and show them you care, have them spend a good time and put them in the mood to validate this budget.

Build your own itinerary

Whether you mean to explore specific places in the delta, or simply see varied landscapes, chartering a Bassac affords you the freedom to reach most everywhere. From a XIXth century franciscan monastery to the land of Khmer temples, we have even been to the mouth of the Mekong on the Gulf of Thailand.

Get a glimpse of what your itinerary could look like. For ultimate freedom in pacing and tuning your cruise, make it over more than one night.

Cần Thơ - Vị Thanh - Rạch Giá

Cần Thơ-Rạch Giá

This is our default program along Cần Thơ - Rạch Giá.

We have much freedom when it comes to charters. Contact us so we tune it together to meet your wishes.

Cần Thơ - Vị Thanh - Rạch Giá

Cần Thơ, on the first day at noon

  • Boarding onto the Bassac at the Ninh Kieu pier, welcome drink, check into the cabins.
  • Lunch as the Bassac cruises up river Can Tho and crosses the sleepy floating market at Cai Rang.
  • The boat then enters the very active Xa No canal, the main river link of Hau Giang province. The canal is lined with waterlocks and connecting canals dug in the early 20th Century to support rice production. These canals and collecting areas are still in activity today.
  • Visit on shore in the second half of the afternoon, in the vicinity of Vị Thanh.
  • Boarding back at nightfall, and dinner after a light refreshment as the Bassac resumes her long cruise towards river Cái Lớn.
  • The Bassac casts anchor for the night once past the quiet town of Go Quao.

Day 2

  • As there is no light pollution, if the weather is clear, the early morning sky is full of stars.
  • Breakfast is available from 6:30AM.
  • As she enters the brackish waters of the estuary, the Bassac may send schools of silvery fish flying. By clear weather, one can see above the trees the peak of Hon Tre island, in the gulf of Siam.
  • Arrival at the Xẻo Rô or Tắc Cậu ferry pier by mid-morning, check-out and transfer to shore.

End of services by mid-morning on shore at Rạch Giá.

Please note you will leave the Bassac for good upon boarding the small boat for the last visit, typically about 8:00.
The details of the program and the visits may vary depending on logistics or technical constraints.

Another itinerary?

Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip Add this port of call to your trip
Mekong Delta Map

Pick your own itinerary, to charter a boat and run along your own route.

  • Pick one port of call for each day of cruise. The cruise typically starts at noon on the first day and ends by mid-morning on the last day.
  • Just fill-in the form, or simply click on your chosen ports of call on the map on the right.

Private Cruises Prices

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Our Sales terms apply.

Rates offered until Oct 31. 2024

The following is in Việt Nam đồng, net of all taxes.

These rates are subject to change depending on the cost of fuel.

Private boat over a free itinerary   Ship rental   + service per passenger   These rates are per night
Over one night đ60 910 000 + đ2 210 000 per pass. logistics supplements may apply.1
Longer trips đ56 340 000 + đ2 210 000 per pass. contact us

Massage: foot, head and shoulders: đ500 000 per participant.

Price modifiers    
Single cabin suppl. +50% per single occupancy; typ. for an odd number of passengers
Kids rebate -50% for kids under 12 years old
Infants -100% Free of charge for kids under 2 years old

We can arrange road and speedboat transfers through third parties at the prices current at the time of booking.

  1. The price of a chartered trip is built as follows:
    The price = ship rental + (service x number of passengers ) + empty ship transfer
    Empty ship transfer may only be counted if you intend to run along another itinerary than scheduled.
    As of Dec 02. 2023, the empty ship transfer amount to đ3 979 238 per hour of scheduled empty ship navigation. ↩︎

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