At the heart of the Mekong delta

a XIXth Century Bassac

At the end of the XIXth Century, A steamer named Bassac was already trading on the lower Mekong.

the River Shipping Company of Cochinchina, story of a monopoly


We owe special thanks to ANAI for having allowed us to find this striking picture of the 1890s Bassac, which triggered our study and the present page.

  • French Memories from China / Souvenir Français de Chine: the very good page about Khonê railway
  • Belle Indochine, a rich collection of documents on Idochina in the XXth Century.
  • Striking pictures of the Khone bridge today and of launch Trentinian of the Messageries Fluviales getting on tracks at Khône to go serve in Laos:
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