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Prices and terms

Rates offered until Oct 31. 2022

The following is displayed in Việt Nam đồng, net of all taxes and per night on board. These rates are subject to change depending on the cost of fuel.


Joining in along programmed journeys

Number of passengers 1 or 2 passengers; 3 to 12 passengers; 13 pass. or more
Per night and per passenger đ6 150 000 đ5 600 000 đ5 300 000

Private or chartered trips

Ship Ship rental; Service per passenger; All rates are per night
Bassac I, 12 pax Charters:
Over one night đ41 290 000 đ1 990 000 logistics supplements
Longer trips đ38 070 000 đ1 990 000 may apply.1
Bassac II, 20 pax contact us
Over one night đ59 420 000 đ1 990 000
Longer trips đ54 630 000 đ1 990 000
Bassac III, 24 pax
Over one night đ59 420 000 đ1 990 000
Longer trips đ54 630 000 đ1 990 000

Other terms

Price modifiers    
Single cabin suppl. +50% per single occupancy; typ. for an odd number of passengers
Kids rebate -50% for kids under 12 years old
Infants -100% Free of charge for kids under 2 years old
Late Booking rebate -20% for departure within 48 hours of booking 3 4

We can arrange road and speedboat transfers through third parties at the prices current at the time of booking.

  1. The price of a chartered trip is built as follows:
    Ship rental is just like for a simple private trip on the scheduled route.
    Accommodation and services to the passengers are just like for a private trip on the scheduled route.
    Empty ship transfer: If you decide to depart from another port than the regularly scheduled one, or arrive at another port than the departure port of the regularly scheduled trip on the day of your arrival, we would ask you to take charge of the expenses incurred.
    As of Jun 09. 2020, the expenses amount to đ3 587 100 per hour of scheduled transfer. 

  2. We do not guarantee availability or departure for late bookings. 

  3. This rebate is cumulative with other modifiers in the price list, but not with any promotions. 


Inclusions, exclusions

As a rule of thumb, we take care of you from boarding to disembarkation. You may also ask us to provide you with other services, like land transfer or speedboat connection to or from Cambodia.

The services of the Bassac include per night on board:

  • Transportation on board;
  • Accommodation of each passenger in a twin-share cabin, double- or twin-bedded;
  • English-speaking host on board and during the visits;
  • Three meals;
  • Vietnamese coffee, tea; mineral water;
  • Two visits on shore or on a small skiff;
  • Access to all services on board;
  • Access to and from the board on a longboat;

Are excluded:

  • Road, speedboat transfer, except if specifically mentioned in the booking confirmation;
  • Bar services;
  • Personal travel insurance;
  • Tips and gratuities.
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