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Sunset cruise on a sampan

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Departure 16:00 at the Cần Thơ market hall - Duration: 2 hours

A Mystic sampan about the river through the photographer's golden hour. A stop in a shaded arroyo for a stroll gives you a unique opportunity to come near the rural life of the Cần Thơ area.
Take a snack and a drink while cruising. You can choose your drink in a selection of home drinks: punch or juice. Additional drinks, wine, soda and beer are also available at a premium. Water is available at your discretion.

The services include     Available Extras & Options
cruise on a Mystic sampan snacks tray, with one cocktail
water additional drinks, wine, soda and beer
local English-speaking guide on board
Possible extensions
local cycling tour before departure
further your excursion with a dinner on board

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The snacks tray is a selection of snack bites to meet all tastes, with a touch of fusion, staging Vietnamese specialties as well as classic snacks.

chartering a Mystic sampan 2 325 000 đ
- option: Snack tray and cocktail + 400 000 đper passenger

The program may vary depending on the tide and the current. Our Sales terms apply, and we abide by our Commitments. The prices indicated are valid until 31 Oct 2022.

Please also see our special offers and our Services policy for family terms.

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