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Day cruises

a Mystic sampan at sunset

Cruises from a few hours to full-day tours to Cần Thơ's surrounding countryside and into the middle of the river life of the Mekong delta, on board the Mystic sampans.

The Mystic sampans are large sampans able to run the medium-range cruise through the maze of canals and tributaries of the Mekong, and can navigate by night in comfort. They are built so as to allow you a level access to the action at the floating market, and offer the perfect platform to carry a party of cyclists out to the green.

Welcome on board

The Mystic sampans accommodate up to 16 passengers, seated at the carré or at their tables with service at the table, or with a buffet for larger groups. They can host breakfasts as well as lunches and dinners.

Our services range from breakfast to the floating market to a discovery of a Khmer sanctuary with lunch on board, to sunset cruises, grand days out to the green area, or even dinner on board.

Time table

  • For each time span, morning, noon, sunset or evening, the boats are available for any private tours

Please also see our Tết program.

The boat must be back before the time mentioned in the timetable here-under. Extensions to the programs may entail road transfer or a longer operation of the boat, at a premium.

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