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The Bassac

Lose yourself deep into the heart of the Mekong delta, over one night or more, on board the Bassac, the last classic wooden cruisers on the Mekong delta, with all comfort on board and caring service.

Hotline: 0903 033 148

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Today, we have 10 cabins available along Discovery Cruise.
Tomorrow, we have 10 cabins available along cantho-caibe.

The services of the Bassac come in three flavors:

An invitation to travel


Longing for an escape from the hustle of the big city?

Take a week-end off the world at the pace of the river.
Join visits and ateliers as you wish. Even massages.

Healthy escapes over two nights to recharge the weary.

The Retreat escapes include ateliers to express yourself and connect with your surroundings: clay modelling, painting, bread making, and also visits on shore. Yoga mats are even available for morning sessions.

You are welcome to join in on any activity, or to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise.

Sunset on the Mekong

Private Cruises

Charter a Bassac for your own use.

Make a special occasion really special and host it on board a Bassac, in the middle of nature in the Mekong delta.

Or host a meeting or training session on board, away from any distractions, and with pauses or excursions to set the pace.

The boat is yours to route as you will, even on the fly.

Enjoy the ultimate freedom and charter a Bassac to take your party wherever you like, imparting it with your spin and character.

You may build your own itinerary. Whether you mean to explore specific places in the delta, or simply see varied landscapes, chartering a Bassac affords you the freedom to reach most everywhere. From a XIXth century franciscan monastery to the land of Khmer temples, we have even been to the mouth of the Mekong on the Gulf of Thailand.

Discovery Cruises

[image] Bassac II on a grey morning

The Bassac are the perfect means to discover the Mekong delta as part of a journey in Vietnam.

Join in on a discovery cruise: the Bassac take you into the greener areas of the Mekong delta, overnight into the middle of life about the river. We take you to visit in the afternoon the countryside and its inhabitants, and in the morning what the destination is known for, be it its market, a famous old house or the local handicraft.

Departure at noon - Arrival by mid-morning, typically from Cần Thơ.

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