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The Island Lodge, Thới Sơn

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At the remote western end of Thới Sơn island, hidden away from the crowds and in a sea of green, The Island Lodge is a very relaxing lodge just an hour and a half away from Saigon and already at the heart of the Mekong delta.

Included     Also available
Accommodation in double-bedded rooms with all amenities Excursions and activities
Breakfast at Le Comptoir de Marthe et Édouard Spa and massage
Swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna Road transfer

A stay at the Island Lodge complements perfectly a cruise on board the Bassac.

Of their creation, The Island Lodge, Francoise and Michel say:

When you come to our home, we certainly do not want you to “feel like at home”! We wish to invite you to enjoy a new good life in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, away from the noise and the ostentatious, and simply live for the time you have decided, a natural and authentic pleasure.
You may book your stay directly with the Island Lodge

The Island Lodge
390 Ap Thoi Binh, Xa Thoi Son
TP My Tho, Tien Giang
Tél : (+84) 73 651 9000
Fax : (+84) 73 651 9001

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