The welcoming rice bowl of Vietnam


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 +====== Places ======
 +<note tip>
 +Be sure to see our pages about [[1_delta]] as a whole, and the [[2_history|traces of its history]].
 +Here are some places that we refer to, so you may know them better, or simply know where to meet.
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 +{{ :en:places:can_tho_map.png?600|The area surrounding Cần Thơ}}
 +Cần Thơ is the largest city of the Mekong delta, and the centre of agriculture in Vietnam. As the hub of Ho Chi Minh City is just 3 hours away on the road, Cần Thơ is spared all the hustle and bustle of a large city and retains the ambiance of a quiet provincial town. 
 +TransMékong provide tours in Cần Thơ and to the green countryside away from the city.
 +{{:gallery:can_tho_old_market.jpg?300 |The old market hall}}