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Immersion into the delta over 3 days

[image] a Bassac in the morning

Departure: 08h00 from Ho Chi Minh City, District 1 - Duration: 2 1/2 days

Escape from Saigon to discover the essence of the delta over 3 days: a grand outing in a sampan takes you through the delta's rivers, share a meal with a local family, paddle a bicycle in the countryside and discover a Khmer sanctuary. On the next day, after a breakfast cruise to the floating market, you board the Bassac for a 24-hour cruise with calls and visits on shore, along the way and at the destination. All meals are included save for dinner on day 1, drinks at a premium.

The tour includes     Extras & Options available
shuttle transfer return trip from HCMc extra: personal guide all along
grand outing in gold and green extra: a traditional benediction ceremony at the pagoda
night at the Lighthouse or Nam Bộ extra: dinner at the Lighthouse
breakfast cruise to the floating market breakfast: to choose from western or Vietnamese
overnight cruise on board a Bassac extra: massage on board the Bassac

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For two passengers up

Immersion into the Delta over 2 nights (group of 2 pass.) 11 600 000 đ per passenger
- Better rates with group size: for a group of 10, as low as 9 080 000 đ per passenger

These prices include a 10% promotional rebate on our accommodation, daytime and overnight cruise services.


  • The program may change depending on availability and the itineraries the boats runat your dates
  • We shall make a detailed offer
Date Time Service                              Notes
Day 1 08:00 shuttle transfer towards Cần Thơ Meeting point in downtown Saigon District 1
11:30 Grand outing in Gold and Green Board a sampan as soon as you arrive in Cần Thơ to go have lunch with a local family on an island; then paddle a bicycle for an hour before boarding back and following a small, green river towards a Khmer sanctuary where the ambiance is reminiscent of the Indian origin of Buddhism.
18:00 Night at the Lighthouse or at Nam Bộ You are free to roam for dinner
Day 2 07:00 Breakfast cruise to the floating market Board on a sampan with breakfast towards the floating market: some of the last occasions to see an authentic floating market before they vanish.
12:00 Cruise on board a Bassac - joining in on a discovery cruise Board at noon on a Bassac for a comfortable cruise on tributaries, across the Mekong delta. Lunch, dinner and breakfast on board are included. Visit on shore to the countryside in the middle of the afternoon, visit at the destination in the morning.
Day 3 11:00 Shuttle transfer back to HCMC Upon disembarkation, the shuttle takes you back to Ho Chi Minh City (2-3 hours).

Many possible extras:

  • Your own English-speaking guide along the whole program
  • a private car instead of a shuttle
  • a traditional Khmer benediction ceremony
  • dinner on the first evening
  • massage on board the Bassac (a must)
  • and others
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