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-<​html><​h1 style='​float:​ left; margin-top: 0'>​Itinerary:&nbsp;</​h1></​html>​+<​html><​h1 style='​float:​ left; margin-top: 0'>​Itinerary</​h1></​html>​
-====== ​Cần Thơ - Cần Thơ ======+====== ​Cần Thơ - Cần Thơ ======
 {{  :​en:​0_bassac:​400_b2_coursive.jpg|Upper deck gangway on Măng Thít river}} {{  :​en:​0_bassac:​400_b2_coursive.jpg|Upper deck gangway on Măng Thít river}}